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Supply Chain Strategy

Logistics system consists of the company’s supply chain and its distribution network. The right configuration of the logistics system is of strategic importance, largely determining the optimization of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products flow from their places of origin to end user.

Logisys competencies in the area of logistics systems

Logisys possesses broad competence in the area of designing and optimization of logistics systems for the largest retail networks in Poland. In the projects implemented by Logisys, the main goals included reduction of distribution and transportation costs as well as increasing the efficiency of the logistics processes.

    Logisys competencies in the area of logistics systems include:
  • Supply chain (effective cooperation with suppliers and customers)
  • Integrating the links within the distribution network (system, decision-making, organisation, IT and infrastructure)
  • Distribution networks (geographical placement, network control policy)
  • Geography and location of warehouses, distribution centres and logistics centres
  • Transportation logistics, transportation management, internal transportation, external transportation
  • System for reusable packaging and media
  • Logistics outsourcing, logistics operators

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